Sakari Kennels Rescue

CeCe is our first rescue, we actually didn't realize we what we were starting when we rescued her but we sure are glad we did!. She was set to be euthanized because she was seriously ill but we took her and got her better after several months of medication and vet visits.  She has battled various things such as constant ear infections, ringworm, cancer, and has bounced back from each and every illness. We consider ourselves lucky to have had her grace our home. She succumbed to heart disease after 12 wonderful years.
Jan 6, 2000-Apr 1, 2012

We currently have one 3 year old Italian Greyhound Male, Neutered, UTD on shots.
We have 1 Schnauzer male, 5 months old, Neutered, UTD on shots.

Please review for Colorado. Currently we are fostering for IGCA Rescue Colorado. We are also running a private rescue out of our home for lundies and mixes.

Sakari Kennels is devoted to the protection of the welfare of animals, all animals, even breeds we do not personally own.  All animals adopted through Sakari Kennels will be spayed or neutered. We will not place an intact rescue in any home so please don't ask us too.

Sakari Kennels is also affiliated with Italian Greyhound Rescue and Tracy, the owner of Sakari Kennels, is the a Colorado Rescue Representative for IGCA Rescue.  We firmly believe that if we are breeding, we should also be involved in the rescue of our breeds.  For more information on Italian Greyhound Rescue please visit Italian Greyhound Clubs of America.

Soon we will have pictures of available rescues up on this website but we are still working on the pages as well as setting up our home to allow us to properly house more than one or two rescues at a time.  All of our rescues are treated as our own animals and will be kept with the family to socialize and learn pack dynamics